5 Fiotas You Should Follow on Twitter by @phiota

Francisco M. Lugo Carmona, M.Ed.


Executive Director of Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Francisco M Lugo Carmona is the current National Executive Director of our beloved fraternity. Francisco, better known through his brother name, “Pancho,” currently works as the Assistant Director of Student Programming at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Pancho has been recognized as the “Organizational Leadership Excellence’ and “Professional of the Year” by NALFO two times in a row for the years 2010-2011 and 2011-2012, same years which our fraternity received the “Fraternity of the Year” award! His extensive experience as an administrator and involvement in Greek life has helped shaped Phi Iota Alpha. His leadership and inspirational tweets will help motivate any individual to continue their passion in life.

Juan R. Guardia, Ph.D.


Director, Multicultural Affairs at FSU

Dr. Juan R. Guardia is currently the Director of Multicultural Affairs at Florida State University and the NALFO Chair. Juan is known for his leadership in student affairs and his contribution to positive Greek literature. Recently, Juan received the NASPA- Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education awards, which is among the highest of student affairs recognition presented to administrators. Juan embodies the true sense of the word UNITY among the Greek community. Follow him and you will enjoy from wide range subjects such as traveling, running, Greek articles, student affairs, and much more!

Aldo De La Paz


Web developer, Graphic Artist, and Digital Marketing Professional

Aldo De La Paz graduated from Florida State University and since then has been bringing his creativity to the real world! His dedication to our fraternity has been embedded through many of our organization’s designs and images. You might recognize his work if you visit our beautiful convention website: http://convention.phiota.org/ for this year’s 80th anniversary celebration in New Orleans. Aldo works on many projects within his industry for both private and public investors. Check out his creations on his own website: http://www.aldodelapaz.com/ Follow his creativity on twitter!                                                                                                        

 Erick Mendoza   


Global/International Studies

Erick Mendoza is a founder of the Alpha Tau chapter in beautiful campus of UC Santa Barbara. As the Ace of his line, he has led his chapter in to becoming the biggest chapter in the west coast for Phi Iota Alpha in under two years! He has high ambitions of working in the communications media industry including becoming an anchor for Spanish speaking media. He has served in many internships in the field including Telemundo. Erick will be graduating in just a few days, but this will only mark the beginning of a promising future ahead for this young Phiota talent! Follow Erick to check out all the talent and activeness happening with Phi Iota Alpha in the West Coast!

Carlos Martinez



Carlos Martinez is a truly passionate brother that believes in social justice for the greater good of our communities. Carlos has been pivotal for the growth of his Phi chapter at Michigan State University as well as the Midwest region. He has been part of developing programs like the annual “Kids Fest” where the Phi Chapter a long with a series of sponsors organizes a festival to provide educational and fun activities for children of the community. His leadership skills have led him to help organize international social projects in El Salvador in 2010, and then once again by spearheading another one in the Dominican Republic in 2011. We are proud to announce that Carlos will be among the Phiotas graduating this semester!  Follow Carlos to learn more about different social movements and Latino related topics!


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