“Face of PhiA”- Sammy Maldonado


Samuel ‘Samson’ Maldonado “A Youth Poet From NYC”

Samson has been songwriting for sometime but has recently been performing poetry for the last 3 years. He receives inspiration from everyday situations and most commonly uses a blend of issues with a twist of happiness and drama to reflect upon life. Samson has featured at the Urban Voices Heard Write-Out Loud Open Mic Showcase [UVH]; He is now apart of this organization. He has also featured at The SoulSweet Sanctuary.

Samson has gotten the opportunity to bless the stages at places such as The Nuyorican Poets Cafe, La Pregunta Arts Cafe, Inkwells Loser Slam (Long Branch,NJ) The Red Room, 449LA Scat, Humphreys (New Haven,CT) and Herkimer County Community College just to name a few.

Samson has also been blessed to have the guidance from “El Grito De Poetas” and has opened for them. Samson has published on http://www.retrowrites.com , Pioneer Magazine, and http://www.spokenwordnewyork.com. Sam Attends Utica College In Utica,NY and there at the school he helped found a poetry oriented group called “Open Moments” A collective of diverse young male and female artist at Utica, dedicated to the craft and performance of poetry, rap, dance and singing. Samson was also a 2010 Mccafe Poetry Slam Finalist.

On September 18th 2010 Samson Along Side A Few Other Poets Opened Up For New Hip Hop Sensation B.O.B! The confidence Samson brings to any stage is what makes him a performer worth watching.

One Fact About Samson:

He Writes All Is Poems In CAPS Because He Believes His Words Create Statements. Caps Help Make A Point and It Makes Him Standout From Other Writers.


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